3 Weeks Morocco, Spain & Portugal Itinerary

How To Spend 21 Days in Morocco, Spain & Portugal

On our 3 week Morocco, Spain, & Portugal itinerary you will embrace the allure of three distinct nations that have, throughout history, intertwined their destinies on the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.

Start in the vibrant land of Morocco, where the magic of ancient medinas, azure cities, and Saharan landscapes beckons. Transition to Spain, the fiery soul of the Iberian Peninsula, where flamenco rhythms, Gaudí’s masterpieces, and tantalizing tapas await. Conclude in Portugal, a nation of explorers, where maritime legacies meet soulful fados, historic trams, and world-renowned wines.

Highlights of our 3 Week Morocco, Spain & Portugal Itinerary




Marrakech (Days 1-3)

Bahia Palace, Morocco

The Heart of Morocco Beckons…

From the mystical allure of age-old streets to the verdant calm of gardens, Marrakech offers a symphony of experiences that sing to the heart, taste buds, and soul. Join us in an intimate journey through this city, promising memories painted in the warm hues of the setting Moroccan sun.

Jardin Majorelle 

Begin your Marrakech sojourn amidst the refreshing embrace of the Jardin Majorelle. 

Once the personal sanctuary of fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent, this garden is a serene tapestry of exotic plants, enchanting blue architecture, and the distant murmur of trickling fountains. 

Our private guide will regale you with stories of the garden’s creation as you wander its shaded paths.

Bahia Palace Journey: Marvel at ornate designs

Step into the luxury of the 19th century as you explore the sprawling beauty of the Bahia Palace. 

Your expert guide will illuminate the intricate stuccos, shimmering zellige tiles, and carved cedar woods that adorn the palace, all while recounting tales of the viziers and artisans who once walked its halls. Every archway tells a tale, and every courtyard echoes with whispers from the past.

Koutoubia Mosque

Standing tall amidst Marrakech’s skyline, the Koutoubia Mosque is an emblem of the city’s rich Islamic heritage. Although non-Muslims can’t enter, the exterior itself is a masterpiece worth admiring. Let our guide take you through its history, revealing tales of the Almohad dynasty and the mosque’s significance in guiding the city’s urban development.

The Colorful World of Souks & the Medina

Immerse yourself in the labyrinthine alleys of Marrakech’s Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Join your guide as the air of the Medina turns thick with the aroma of spices, the hum of haggling, and the vibrant display of traditional crafts. With our guide leading the way, navigate the bustling souks, meet local artisans, and perhaps even bargain for a keepsake to remember your journey.

Atlas Mountains Day Trip: Breathe in fresh mountain air

A brief drive from Marrakech lies the magnificent Atlas Mountains. This private day trip will see you weaving through Berber villages, sipping mint tea with locals, and marveling at panoramic vistas. 

Whether it’s the snow-kissed peaks in winter or the lush green valleys in spring, the mountains promise rejuvenation and a touch of adventure.

Moroccan Culinary Delight: A traditional cooking class

Moroccan cuisine is a riot of flavors, and what better way to truly appreciate it than to create it yourself? Guided by a local chef, venture to a traditional riad kitchen. Under expert tutelage, you’ll grind spices, simmer tagines, and bake Moroccan bread. The reward? A sumptuous meal you’ve crafted, and the skills to recreate a slice of Morocco back home.

Transfer to Fes via private driver

As your time in Marrakech comes to a close, a new chapter awaits in Fes, the country’s spiritual heart. Relax in the comfort of a private transfer, watching as the landscapes morph from bustling cityscapes to tranquil countryside, setting the stage for the next leg of your Moroccan odyssey.

Fes (Days 4-6):

Tanneries in Fes, Morocco

Dive deeper into the essence of Morocco as you venture into Fes, the country’s spiritual heart and intellectual capital. 

A city of dreams, where ancient traditions entwine seamlessly with the vibrancy of modern life, Fes promises a sensory journey through its cobbled streets, echoing with tales from the annals of time.

Ancient Medina Tour

Let the pulse of the Medina guide your steps as you traverse narrow lanes, brimming with life and echoing with the resonance of centuries past. 

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Medina in Fes remains a living testimony to a bygone era. With our guide by your side, you’ll unravel tales of dynasties, sultans, and the rich tapestry of Moroccan life that paints every corner of this ancient city.

Al-Qarawiyyin University Insight: A glimpse into ancient scholarship

At the heart of Fes lies the Al-Qarawiyyin, recognized as the world’s oldest existing and continually operating educational institution. 

While walking its hallowed halls, let our guide acquaint you with its inception, its famous alumni, and the ancient manuscripts it houses. Though non-Muslims can’t enter the mosque, the library’s exterior and history are treasures in themselves.

Merenid Tombs Visit

Perched atop the hills, the Merenid Tombs, though in ruins, offer a serene space away from the city’s bustle. As you stand here, our guide will share stories of the Merenid dynasty, all while you soak in a panoramic view of Fes, laid out beneath you, bathed in golden hues.

Bou Inania Madrasa: Revel in stunning Islamic art

The splendor of Moroccan architecture shines brightly at the Bou Inania Madrasa. 

With its intricate zellij, carved plaster, and ornate cedar woodwork, this establishment is more than just a theological school; it’s a celebration of art and devotion. Delve into its history and artistry as our expert weaves tales of its significance in Moroccan heritage.

Tannery Tour: Understand the city’s leather legacy

The scent of dyes and leather fills the air as you approach Fes’s iconic tanneries. With vats of vibrant colors spread out like an artist’s palette, this is where raw hides transform into beautiful leather products. 

Our guide will walk you through the age-old processes, showcasing the crafts that have made Fes a global name in leatherworks.

Zaouia Moulay Idriss II Visit: Experience spiritual Morocco

As a revered shrine and spiritual heart of Fes, the Zaouia of Moulay Idriss II houses the tomb of the city’s founder. 

In this serene space, listen as our guide recounts the life and legacy of this Moroccan king, understanding the spiritual depth that resonates in the Moroccan way of life.

Transfer to Chefchaouen via private driver

As Fes’s captivating tales linger in your thoughts, prepare for another Moroccan gem. Nestled amidst the Rif Mountains, the blue-hued charm of Chefchaouen awaits. 

Journey in the luxury of a private transfer, with landscapes unfolding like pages from a storybook, guiding you towards your next adventure.

Chefchaouen (Day 7):

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen – also known as the ‘Blue Pearl of Morocco’ – beckons with its azure-hued allure. Every alley, doorway, and stairway bathed in shades of blue makes this city an artist’s canvas come alive. 

Join your guide to explore its streets, discovering tales as vibrant as its buildings, and bid adieu to the Moroccan chapter of your journey.

Blue City Exploration: Wander in enchanting blue streets

A walk through Chefchaouen is akin to stepping inside a dream. With every cobblestone street and alleyway painted in varying shades of blue, the city offers a calming and surreal ambiance. 

Let our guide lead you through its mystique, revealing stories behind this unique color choice and introducing you to the local life that thrives amidst these cerulean lanes.

Kasbah Museum: Dive into the city’s history

Located within the heart of the Medina, the Kasbah Museum is a testament to the rich history and culture of Chefchaouen. 

As you explore its rooms, our expert will paint a vivid picture of the city’s Andalusian and Moorish influences, its artifacts speaking volumes about a past intertwined with tales of migration, art, and survival.

Ras Elma Springs: Refresh in the cool waters

Emerging from the mountains, the Ras Elma Springs offer a refreshing haven. Listen to the babble of the waters, an ever-present soundtrack, as our guide delves into its significance for the city – both as a water source and as a communal gathering space.

Andalusian Gardens: Find peace amidst nature

A haven of tranquility within the bustling city, the Andalusian Gardens invite you to a respite. 

Filled with aromatic plants, glistening ponds, and soft chirping birds, it’s a space where nature and history unite. As you meander, our guide will highlight the garden’s architectural elements, reflecting Chefchaouen’s Andalusian legacy.

Local Crafts Tour: Discover Chefchaouen’s unique handicrafts

The artistry of Chefchaouen goes beyond its painted streets. Join us as we venture into artisan workshops, showcasing the city’s distinct crafts – from woven textiles to handmade leather goods. 

Engage with local craftsmen, understanding their passion and dedication, making every piece a souvenir filled with stories and soul.

Transfer to Spain via flight from Tangier

With Chefchaouen’s blue vistas etched in memory, the allure of Spain beckons on a flight that promises to open new chapters of history, culture, and unmatched experiences in the Iberian Peninsula.

Seville (Days 8-10):

Plaza De Espana, Seville, Spain

In the heart of Andalusia lies Seville, a city where Moorish wonders meet flamenco rhythms, and golden-hued streets echo tales of conquests and culture. As the Guadalquivir River flows through its heart, Seville stands as a testimony to time – where the past seamlessly blends with the present. 

Join us as we unravel the layers of this enchanting city, indulging in its culinary delights and dancing to its passionate beats.

Alcazar Palace Exploration: Dive into a Moorish wonderland

A regal marvel, the Alcazar Palace tells tales of Moorish sultans and Christian kings. As you walk its halls, our guide will highlight its intricate mosaics and lush gardens, each corner showcasing the zenith of Islamic architecture and its subsequent Christian influences.

Seville Cathedral & Giralda: Ascend to aerial city views

Dominating Seville’s skyline, the Cathedral and its iconic Giralda tower beckon. 

Discover Gothic grandeur as our expert leads you through its nave, introducing you to its treasures. And as you ascend the Giralda, breathe in panoramic vistas – a Sevillian tapestry of rooftops, spires, and bell towers.

Flamenco Passion: Experience the soul of Seville

In the heart of Seville, flamenco resonates. Join us in a tablao where the dance’s passion is palpable – the guitar’s strum, the dancer’s fervent footwork, and the soulful cante transporting you into a world of emotions. 

Triana’s Charm: Walk Seville’s historic district by the river

Across the Guadalquivir lies Triana, a district brimming with history and culture. 

Stroll its streets with our guide, uncovering tales of flamenco origins, ceramic artistry, and ancient guilds. Feel the essence of Seville, where every cobblestone echoes stories of bygone eras.

Plaza de España: Admire the Ibero-American exposition’s crown jewel

A mosaic of bridges, towers, and waterways, the Plaza de España stands as an architectural masterpiece. 

Wander around this semicircular marvel, as our guide introduces you to its Renaissance and Moorish elements, reflecting on Spain’s diverse cultural influences and its historical ties with the Americas.

Culinary Seville: Taste tapas and Andalusian wines

Sevillian gastronomy is a journey in itself. Dive into the city’s culinary landscape, exploring traditional tapas bars with our expert. 

From salmorejo to flamenquín, let your palate discover Andalusian flavors, each dish paired perfectly with regional wines for an experience that’s truly Sevillian.

Transfer to Madrid via high-speed train

As we bid farewell to Seville’s allure, the heart of Spain awaits. With comfort and speed, embark on a journey to Madrid, promising you art, history, and the vibrancy of Spanish life in its bustling streets and grand plazas.

Madrid (Days 11-13):

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

Welcome to Madrid, Spain’s grandiose capital, where historical grandeur mingles with a contemporary vibrancy. Cobblestone streets, regal facades, and lush parks make Madrid an irresistible mosaic of art, culture, and gastronomy. 

With every step, immerse yourself in tales of monarchs, artists, and ordinary Madrileños who’ve shaped this city into the majestic marvel it is today.

Royal Palace Deep Dive: Step into regal luxury

Amidst Madrid’s bustling streets stands the Royal Palace, a testament to Spain’s illustrious past. 

Journey through opulent halls and lavish chambers, as our guide weaves tales of monarchs and their legacies. From frescoed ceilings to ornate chandeliers, experience luxury befitting of kings and queens.

Masterpieces at the Prado Museum

With your expert private guide, traverse through centuries of European art, coming face to face with masterpieces by Goya, Velázquez, and Bosch. Explore the stories behind each canvas, while your guide reveals the narratives behind these iconic works.

Historical Madrid Walk: Touch the city’s historic pulse

From Plaza Mayor to Puerta del Sol, Madrid’s history is etched in its streets. As our guide leads you through the city’s heart, discover stories of bygone eras, revolutionary movements, and the spirit of the Madrileños. Feel the city’s pulse, understanding Madrid beyond its monuments.

Tapas Tasting Adventure: Journey through Spain one bite at a time

Madrid’s culinary scene is a celebration of Spanish flavors. Our tour planning specialists will craft a specially designed gastronomic tour, hopping from one tapas bar to another. 

Savor churros, patatas bravas, and other delights, as our local expert introduces you to Madrid’s culinary heritage, one delicious bite at a time.

Transfer to Barcelona via high-speed train

Leaving behind Madrid’s regal charms, brace yourself for a Catalonian adventure. Speeding through Spanish landscapes, anticipate Gaudí’s wonders, Mediterranean breezes, and a distinct cultural tapestry that await you in the Catalan Capital.

Barcelona (Days 14-15):

Parc Güell, Barcelona, Spain

An intertwining tapestry of modernist architecture, medieval marvels, and sun-drenched beaches, Barcelona is where the contemporary meets the historical.

Sagrada Família: Witness Gaudí’s vision

Stand before the Sagrada Família, where Gaudí’s dreams pierce the skies. 

This architectural marvel, over a century in the making, is an explosion of intricate facades, soaring towers, and ethereal interiors. 

As our guide narrates tales of its creation, feel the passion and vision behind this enduring masterpiece.

Gothic Quarter Quest: Discover Barcelona’s Medieval Heart

Step into the winding alleys of the Gothic Quarter with your officially licensed guide. 

On this historic walking tour, you will uncover hidden squares, centuries-old chapels, and tales of knights and merchants. Here, the past isn’t behind glass – it’s beneath your feet, on the walls, in the very air you breathe.

Park Güell: Wander in Gaudí’s fantasy land

Enter Gaudí’s dream world at Park Güell. Mosaiced dragons, undulating benches, and panoramic city views – every element in this park whispers tales of Gaudí’s genius. 

Join your guide on a journey through this colorful wonderland, understanding the inspirations and stories behind its creation.

Barceloneta Beach Leisure: Unwind on the Mediterranean coast

End your Spanish sojourn by the shimmering waters of Barceloneta Beach. Feel the Mediterranean sun, hear the waves’ lullabies, and watch the world go by.

Flight to Portugal

As Barcelona fades into the horizon, the allure of Portugal’s history, landscapes, and flavors comes into view. Get ready for Fado, pasteis de nata, and a rich tapestry of experiences awaiting in Portugal.

Lisbon (Days 16-18):

Lisbon, Belem Tower, Portugal

The last leg of our itinerary has you touch down in Lisbon, where every cobblestone tells tales of navigators and discoveries and where old trams wind through streets echoing with soulful Fado melodies. 

With the Tagus River as its sparkling backdrop, Lisbon weaves history, culture, and gastronomy into an intoxicating tapestry, ensuring that every moment spent here lingers in memory.

Belém Tower & Jerónimos Monastery

Begin with a visit to Belém, a symbol of Portugal’s Age of Exploration. Stand beneath the turrets of Belém Tower, guarding the river, as our guide narrates tales of voyages that changed the world. 

Nearby, Jerónimos Monastery stands in testimony to the riches and grandeur these journeys brought back, its Manueline architecture a visual treat.

Alfama Fado Night: Tune into Lisbon’s soulful sound

As dusk envelopes Lisbon, make your way to Alfama, the oldest district. Here, amidst ancient alleyways, experience the heart-wrenching beauty of Fado. 

With our guide providing insights, lose yourself in soulful tunes that echo tales of love, longing, and nostalgia.

Tram 28 Experience: Wind through historic neighborhoods

As the vintage yellow tram creaks and rattles through the city’s historic heart, passengers are treated to an ever-evolving tableau of Lisbon’s architectural wonders. 

From the narrow, winding streets of Alfama to the grand boulevards of Baixa, this tram ride reveals layers of Lisbon’s rich history. Along the route, iconic landmarks such as the Se Cathedral and Saint Vincent Monastery emerge, juxtaposed against lively local markets and sun-drenched squares. 

The Tram 28 Experience encapsulates the soul of Lisbon, making it an unmissable adventure for every visitor.

LX Factory: A blend of culture, shopping, and gastronomy

Visit LX Factory, a beacon of creativity set in a former industrial complex. 

Discover unique boutiques, buzzing cafes, and inspiring art studios. Our guide, with an eye for the eclectic, will walk you through this hub of innovation and culture, showing that Lisbon’s heart beats as strongly in the new as in the old.

Time Out Market: A culinary journey in one location

Indulge your senses at the Time Out Market, a gastronomic mecca where Portugal’s culinary best is showcased. With our guide’s recommendations, embark on a flavorful journey, sampling everything from traditional pastries to avant-garde fusion dishes.

Day Trip to Sintra: Explore fairytale castles and gardens

A short ride from Lisbon lies Sintra, a town of fairytales. 

Walk through the colorful Palácio da Pena, set amidst lush forests, and visit the mystical Quinta da Regaleira with its secret tunnels. With our expert narrating tales of royals and intrigue, Sintra comes alive in a mosaic of history and fantasy.

Transfer to Porto via train

As the enchanting spell of Lisbon recedes, anticipate the allure of Porto. Journeying by train, watch landscapes morph, preparing you for the next chapter in your Iberian tale, where riverside charm and port wine await.

Porto (Days 19-21):

Porto, Portugal, Clerigos Tower

With its labyrinthine alleyways, Baroque churches, and the soulful Douro River, Porto offers an evocative blend of history and modernity. The city, with its timeless appeal, invites you to be swept away by its wine-infused magic, its cultural landmarks, and the eternal song of the river.

Ribeira Romance: Wander UNESCO heritage streets

Let the romantic alleys of Ribeira lead you into a world that artfully blends the past and present. 

As our guide unveils tales of old, meander through this UNESCO heritage site, feeling the pulse of Porto’s history with every cobblestone you tread upon.

Clerigos Tower Climb: Panoramic views of Porto

In the heart of Porto stands the iconic Clerigos Tower. 

As you ascend its spiraling steps with our guide, you’ll encounter layers of history and art. Once at the top, a breathtaking panorama of Porto unveils itself, making every step of the climb a worthy endeavor.

Livraria Lello: Read between architectural marvels

Step into Livraria Lello, one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores. With our guide explaining 

Its history and the inspiration it provided to writers like J.K. Rowling marvel at its neo-gothic architecture, the crimson staircase, and the exquisite stained-glass ceiling.

Port Wine Tasting: Delve into Portugal’s iconic drink

In Porto, the heart of the city beats in rhythm with its age-old wine legacy. 

As you meander along the banks of the Douro, you’ll be beckoned by the rich aroma emanating from the city’s esteemed wine cellars. Each of these historic vaults holds stories of a wine-making tradition that has withstood the test of time. 

Here, with our knowledgeable sommelier as your guide, you’ll embark on a journey of taste and legacy. The experience unfolds as you swirl your glass, releasing the myriad of underlying flavors that make port wine a global icon. 

Each sip serves as an invitation to delve deeper into the city’s history and its intricate wine-making process. From grape to glass, this immersive tasting experience isn’t just about understanding port wine—it’s about feeling the very soul of Porto. Join us and let the city’s spirit unfold, one glass at a time.

São Bento Station: History in azulejo tiles

While train stations seldom make it to travel itineraries, São Bento is an exception.

With our guide, marvel at the azulejo tile panels that depict historical scenes from Portuguese history, transforming a transit hub into a living canvas of art and chronicles.

Douro Valley Escape: Vineyards, river, and serenity

The Douro Valley is a testament to nature’s bounty and mankind’s age-old winemaking traditions. 

As you traverse this picturesque region, terraced vineyards cascade down to the Douro River, with charming quintas dotting the horizon. With our expert guide at your side, you’ll delve into the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site. 

You’ll be treated to exquisite wine tastings at historic estates, where each sip narrates tales of generations passed. Beyond the vineyards, step aboard for a boat ride, allowing the gentle river currents to unveil the valley’s tranquil allure and scenic vistas. 

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