3 Weeks in Morocco Tour

Spend 3 Weeks Traveling Morocco

Experience the essence of Morocco in this extensive 21-day driver-guided tour.

Every corner of this vibrant nation is teeming with stories, and this comprehensive tour allows travelers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Moroccan history, traditions, and natural beauty. Embark on a memorable voyage that showcases the very best of what Morocco has to offer.

Highlights of our 3 Week Morocco Itinerary

Day 1: Marrakech Arrival & Acclimatization

Marrakech, Morocco

From the moment your plane touches down in the captivating city of Marrakech, the seamless blend of our meticulous planning and Morocco’s inherent charm will be evident. A courteous private driver, identifiable by a placard bearing your name, will be eagerly awaiting your arrival at the airport. They will promptly and comfortably transport you to your luxurious hotel accommodation, ensuring the initial leg of your journey is nothing short of perfect.

Marrakech, fondly referred to as the “Red City” due to its distinctive pink-hued buildings, is an embodiment of Morocco’s rich tapestry of history and culture. With the day ahead, there’s ample time to immerse yourself in the city’s marvels. Meander through its bustling souks, where traditional artisans ply their craft alongside merchants showcasing an array of treasures—from exotic spices to intricately designed textiles.

As dusk envelops the city, Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech’s iconic square, beckons. Under the soft glow of lanterns, the square transforms into a vibrant spectacle of musicians, storytellers, and acrobats. With your local guide at your side, offering expert insights and stories, this initial Marrakech experience will undoubtedly be etched in your memory.

Day 2: Marrakech Historical Sites Exploration

Bahia Palace, Morocco

As dawn breaks on your second day, Marrakech’s ancient allure beckons further exploration. 

Today, step into a time capsule as you venture through pivotal sites that chronicle the city’s grandeur, from sultans to commoners, reflecting a saga that spans centuries.

Bahia Palace

Nestled within the city’s labyrinthine alleys is the splendid Bahia Palace, a testament to Morocco’s Andalusian-Moorish architecture. 

Wander through its intricate mosaic-covered courtyards and marvel at the hand-carved cedar ceilings. This palace, once home to a vizier and his multiple wives and concubines, offers a glimpse into the luxury and intricacy of Marrakech’s bygone eras.

Saadian Tombs

Located near the Kasbah Mosque, the Saadian Tombs are a magnificent relic from the Saadian dynasty. 

Rediscovered in 1917, these tombs house the final resting places of about sixty members of the Saadi Dynasty, including sultans and their closest kin. Encased in marble and adorned with pure gold, their grandeur showcases the zenith of Moroccan craftsmanship, offering an evocative insight into its illustrious past.

Koutoubia Mosque

Dominating the Marrakech skyline, the Koutoubia Mosque stands as a beacon of Almohad architectural prowess. 

Although non-Muslims cannot enter, its minaret, standing tall at 77 meters, is a sight to behold. Stroll in the surrounding gardens, listening to the captivating tales your guide shares about this iconic tower, which not only serves as a spiritual center but also as a reference point in Marrakech’s rich tapestry of history.

Day 3: Marrakech to Essaouira – Coastal Adventure

Essaouira, Morocco

Setting off from the heartbeat of Marrakech, a scenic 2.5-hour private transfer carries you westward to the charming coastal town of Essaouira. With the Atlantic Ocean’s refreshing breeze greeting you, embark on a voyage that seamlessly weaves the medina’s heritage with the coastal allure, a stark but harmonious contrast to Marrakech’s inland vibrancy.

Essaouira Medina Exploration

Essaouira’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed medina is a maze of alleyways filled with art, culture, and history. With whitewashed buildings and blue accents, it paints a different picture from the red city of Marrakech. 

Along with your guide, you will visit its bustling souks, which, though less frenetic than Marrakech’s, offer a myriad of handcrafted goods, from woodwork to beautifully woven textiles. Every corner reveals a story, every facade has a narrative.

Skala de la Ville

Venture to the old fortress of Skala de la Ville, a reminder of Essaouira’s defensive past against maritime invasions, with fortifications offering a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Medina. 

Feel the salty breeze as you walk along its ramparts, gazing at the waves crashing against the rocks and the silhouettes of blue boats floating by the shore. Your guide will regale tales of pirates, sea battles, and the city’s strategic importance in trade.

Thuya Wood Workshops

Essaouira boasts a unique craft that has been passed down through generations: Thuya wood crafting. 

Dive deep into this age-old tradition in local workshops, watching artisans painstakingly create intricate boxes, chessboards, and various other decorative items using this aromatic wood, native to Morocco. As you observe, the blend of skills – from carving to inlaying – showcases the city’s dedication to preserving its artistic heritage amidst modernity.

Day 4: Essaouira – Beaches & Medina Wonders

Synagogue in Medina of Essaouira, Morocco

Embracing the sea’s alluring embrace and the ancient tales echoing through the stone-paved streets, another day in Essaouira offers a blend of sun-kissed shores and medina marvels. 

This picturesque town, with its blue boats, ramparts, and bustling marketplaces, carries a romance only deepened by the Atlantic’s soft whispers.

Essaouira Beach Exploration

Begin your day on the long sandy stretch of Essaouira’s main beach. While it’s a haven for wind and kite surfers due to the Atlantic winds, it’s equally inviting for a leisurely stroll or horseback ride. 

With your guide, trace the coastline, watching locals play beach soccer or indulge in some fresh catch at nearby stalls. The horizon, with its intertwining hues of blue, sets a serene backdrop, grounding you in nature’s pure beauty.

Moulay Hassan Square

From the vastness of the beach, head to the heart of the medina: Place Moulay Hassan. 

This vibrant square pulsates with life — musicians setting the rhythm, cafes pouring traditional mint tea, and artisans selling their wares. 

As you navigate with your guide, the square’s history unfolds, highlighting its significance as a central meeting place and its past as a hub for merchants and traders.

Simon Attias Synagogue & Mellah

End your day with a journey through Essaouira’s rich Jewish heritage. The Simon Attias Synagogue, albeit modest in appearance, stands as a testament to the town’s once-thriving Jewish community. 

Close by, the Mellah, or Jewish quarter, tells its own story. With your guide, meander through lanes that have witnessed centuries of religious coexistence, fostering a harmonious blend of Moorish and Jewish architectural wonders.

Day 5: Essaouira to Agadir – Coastal Drive

Tiznit Town, Morocco

Embark on a picturesque journey from Essaouira to Agadir, a route adorned with rugged coastlines and azure waters. 

The transition from a historic port city to a modern beach resort is both scenic and invigorating. With a driving time of approximately 3 hours, relax and enjoy the ever-changing landscapes, as your private transfer ensures a comfortable journey filled with Atlantic panoramas.

Tiznit Silver Town

Midway through your journey, make a stop at Tiznit, often referred to as the Silver Town of Morocco. 

With your guide, wander through the old medina, lined with silver jewelry shops showcasing exquisite Berber craftsmanship. 

The town walls, in their earthy red hue, encircle a history rich in trade and tradition. Learn about Tiznit’s prominence in silver craftsmanship, and perhaps pick up a souvenir, a trinket echoing tales of the desert and dunes.

Souss Massa National Park

As you edge closer to Agadir, take a detour to the Souss Massa National Park, a haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. 

You will explore this coastal park, home to various bird species, including the endangered Northern Bald Ibis. The contrasting landscapes of sand dunes, cliffs, marshes, and forests make this park a unique ecological treasure, offering serene spots for reflection.

Agadir Arrival

At the end of the day, we’ll arrive in the beautiful coastal city of Agadir, where you will be delivered to your accommodation for the evening before exploring the city with your guide the following morning.

Day 6: Agadir Beach Relaxation & Kasbah Visit

Agadir, Morocco

Unwind in the coastal city of Agadir, where golden beaches stretch out to meet the mighty Atlantic. 

Let the salty air rejuvenate you, as today’s exploration is a balanced mix of relaxation on the pristine beaches and a dive into Agadir’s past.

Morning Beach Retreat

Begin your day by sinking your feet into the soft sands of Agadir’s renowned beaches. Spanning over 10 kilometers, these shores are an emblem of relaxation. Bask under the sun, engage in some water sports, or simply read a book to the gentle hum of waves. 

Agadir’s Historical Kasbah

In the afternoon, ascend to Agadir’s ancient Kasbah. Perched atop a hill, this historic fortress, though now in ruins due to the tragic earthquake of 1960, remains an emblematic site. 

With walls that echo tales of bygone eras, your guide will regale stories of Agadir’s prosperous times and the devastating event that changed its landscape forever. While the remnants speak of the past, the panoramic views of the sprawling city and the vast ocean narrate the story of Agadir’s resilience and resurgence. 

Agadir’s Vibrant Marina and Promenade

As the sun begins its descent, head towards Agadir’s bustling Marina. 

Lined with luxurious yachts, cafes, and boutiques, the Marina exemplifies Agadir’s evolution as a contemporary resort town. Stroll along the promenade with your guide, absorbing the atmosphere – from fishermen returning with their day’s catch to street performers entertaining passersby. The setting sun paints the sky in hues of orange and purple, making it a perfect time to click some memorable photographs.

Day 7: Agadir to Taroudant – The “Grandmother of Marrakech”

Taroudant Walls, Morocco

Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Taroudant, often hailed as the “Grandmother of Marrakech” for its scaled-down, yet equally mesmerizing, medina and ancient ramparts. This 1.5 hour drive will transport you from the modern vibes of Agadir to the timeless allure of Taroudant.

Taroudant’s Historic Ramparts

Upon arrival, embark on a guided tour of Taroudant’s impressive ramparts. These walls, some dating back to the 16th century, encircle the town, narrating tales of bygone eras. 

The city’s rich history unfolds as you stroll, with glimpses of Saadian architecture evident in the stonework. Climbing the walls, the views of the sprawling medina and distant Atlas Mountains are bound to captivate.

Explore the Thriving Souks

Dive deep into the vibrant heart of Taroudant – its souks. 

Unlike the bustling markets of bigger cities, here you’ll find a more relaxed pace. Meander through alleys lined with stalls selling everything from spices and jewelry to intricately woven Berber rugs. The lively chatter, the wafting aromas, and the rainbow of products make for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Day 8 & 9: Taroudant to Tafraoute – Argan Valleys

Famous painted rocks in the Tafraoute valley in Southern Morocco

Your day begins with a serene 3 hour drive amidst the famed Argan trees. These unique trees, native only to Morocco, dot the landscape in an almost rhythmic pattern. As you traverse this mesmerizing terrain, your private driver will share insights about the region’s argan oil production, which has not only garnered global fame but also empowers local women cooperatives.

The Ameln Valley Exploration

On reaching the vicinity of Tafraoute, you’ll be introduced to the enchanting Ameln Valley. 

Set amidst the rugged mountains, the valley is a tapestry of quaint Berber villages and lush palm groves. Wander through the ancient trails as your guide reveals the unique geology and traditional Berber way of life that has thrived in this valley for centuries.

Tafraoute’s Painted Rocks

End your day with a visual treat – the Painted Rocks of Tafraoute. These massive granite boulders, painted in bright blues, reds, and golds by Belgian artist Jean Verame in the 1980s, stand in stark contrast to the earthy tones of the surrounding landscape. 

As the sun sets, the colors take on a surreal hue, ensuring this artistic marvel lingers in your memory long after your visit.

Day 10: Tafraoute to Guelmim – The Doorway to the Desert

Guelmim Camel Market, Morocco

Embark on a scenic journey from the almond groves of Tafraoute to the arid landscapes of Guelmim, often hailed as the ‘Doorway to the Desert’. 

As your private driver whisks you through ever-changing terrains, the vivid hues of the Anti-Atlas Mountains transition to the sandy shades of the desert gateway.

Guelmim’s Weekly Camel Market

A major highlight of Guelmim is its authentic camel market. Held weekly, it’s a vibrant assembly where traders from nearby villages gather to buy, sell, and barter. The cacophony, colors, and the unique ambiance offer a raw insight into a deeply-rooted Moroccan tradition.

Explore the Old Medina

Stroll through Guelmim’s Old Medina, a maze of narrow alleys and bustling squares.

In the Old Medina tradition mingles with the contemporary, from age-old crafts shops to modern cafes. As you navigate through, your guide will point out architectural gems, historic sites, and local haunts that are essential to the essence of Guelmim.

Oasis of Tighmert

Just a short drive from Guelmim, the Oasis of Tighmert offers a refreshing contrast. A haven of palm trees and natural springs, Tighmert is a serene retreat. 

Wander along the water channels, marvel at the ancient mud-brick constructions, and let the tranquility wash over you.

Day 11: Guelmim to Sahara (Erg Chigaga) – Desert Magic Begins

Sahara Dunes, Erg Chigaga, Morocco

Today, a transformational journey awaits. Traverse from Guelmim’s desert doorway to the majestic dunes of Erg Chigaga in the Sahara. 

The First Glimpse of Erg Chigaga

As the golden dunes of Erg Chigaga appear on the horizon, you’ll be left in awe of their magnificence. 

These dunes rise dramatically from the desert floor, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle. Take a moment to absorb the views, feel the fine desert sand beneath your feet, and let the sheer grandeur of the landscape envelop you.

Desert Activities with Nomadic Tribes

Erg Chigaga is home to nomadic tribes that have roamed the desert for generations. Engage with them to understand their way of life, traditions, and stories of survival in this harsh environment. 

Our team will consult with you beforehand to arrange activities that suit your taste, be that camel riding, traditional music sessions, or perhaps even a lesson in the art of making the perfect cup of dessert tea.

Sunset over the Dunes

No experience can quite match the ethereal beauty of a Sahara sunset. As the sun dips below the horizon, it casts a golden hue on the dunes, creating a landscape that seems otherworldly. With the vast expanse around and the silence only broken by the whispering winds, it’s a moment of reflection and sheer beauty.

Day 12: Sahara Desert – Camel Trekking & Dune Exploration

Camel Ride, Sahara, Morocco

Unravel the secrets of the mighty Sahara, the world’s largest hot desert, as you embark on an intimate journey through its endless golden dunes.

Morning Camel Trek

Begin your day with the timeless experience of a camel trek, a mode of desert travel that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. 

Feel the gentle sway of your camel as it treads softly on the golden sands, with the vast horizon stretching out before you. This is an opportunity to connect with the desert in its most raw and authentic form, allowing the landscape’s serene beauty to captivate your senses.

Sahara’s Whispering Dunes

The afternoon sun casts a magical glow upon the desert dunes, changing their hues and creating mesmerizing patterns. Engage in a dune exploration activity, feeling the grains of ancient sands slip through your fingers. Listen to the silent whispers of the winds, and as night approaches, find a serene spot to stargaze, letting the vastness of the cosmos above mirror the endless desert below.

Day 13: Sahara to Ouarzazate via Draa Valley – Date Palms & Kasbahs

Draa Valley, Morocco

Bid the desert farewell and chart a course towards Ouarzazate through the Draa Valley, a verdant oasis that paints a stark contrast to the arid beauty of the Sahara.

Draa Valley’s Lushness

Traverse the Draa Valley, known as the ‘land of a thousand Kasbahs’. 

This fertile valley is a testament to nature’s wonders, with sprawling date palm groves providing shade and sustenance. The winding Draa River nourishes this land, and as you travel, its significance in the life of the locals becomes evident.

Ancient Kasbahs

Dotting the Draa landscape are ancient Kasbahs, each standing tall as a sentinel of history. These earthen fortresses have stories etched into their walls, tales of trade, wars, and traditions. 

Venture inside, marvel at their architectural beauty, and get a glimpse of life from centuries ago.

Day 14: Ouarzazate Exploration – Cinema & Fortresses

Kasbah Taourirt in Ouarzazate, Morocco

Dive deep into Ouarzazate, often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Sahara’. With its cinematic wonders and historic fortresses, Ouarzazate offers an intoxicating blend of modern allure and age-old Moroccan traditions.

The Silver Screen Secrets of Atlas Studios

The world of movies comes alive in Atlas Studios, the largest film studio in the world by acreage. 

Saunter through iconic sets where renowned films like “Gladiator” and “Lawrence of Arabia” were shot. The sweeping desert vistas, ancient-looking constructions, and unique light quality have attracted filmmakers for decades. 

Dive into this cinematic world and, perhaps, relive some of your favorite film moments.

Taourirt Kasbah – The Historical Heart:

Within Ouarzazate city is the Taourirt Kasbah, a monumental earthen construction showcasing the intricate beauty of Moroccan architecture. 

With its maze-like alleys and ornate rooms, the Kasbah narrates tales of yesteryears. Exploring its chambers provides an intimate peek into the lifestyle and traditions of Berber inhabitants from eras gone by.

Day 15: Ouarzazate to Aït Benhaddou – UNESCO World Heritage Wonders

Aït Benhaddou, Morocco

Commence your day with a private drive from Ouarzazate to the enchanting Aït Benhaddou, a drive of around 30 minutes. The journey is scenic, but the destination is truly awe-inspiring, standing testament to Morocco’s rich heritage.

Aït Benhaddou: A Timeless Beauty

Upon reaching Aït Benhaddou, you are greeted by a fortified village, or ksar, that looks as if it was plucked straight from the pages of a history book. 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts of striking clay architecture, and as you traverse its streets, it feels as if time stands still. Used as a backdrop for numerous films, the ksar’s towers and dwellings merge harmoniously with the surrounding landscapes.

Stories Etched in Clay

Dive deeper into the village’s history, learning about its strategic role in ancient caravan routes. Each corner of this Kasbah whispers tales of traders, travelers, and the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture.

Day 16: Aït Benhaddou to Dades Gorges – Scenic Landscapes

Dades Valley, Morocco

Your private driver will navigate through one of Morocco’s most scenic routes, taking approximately 2 hours as you transition from historical marvels to nature’s masterpieces on a magical journey from Aït Benhaddou to Dades Gorges.

Rose Valley – A Fragrant Dream

Midway, experience the mesmerizing Rose Valley. Kelaat M’Gouna, the valley’s main town, is renowned for its annual Rose Festival. Fields blanketed with Damascus roses stretch as far as the eye can see. 

Visit local cooperatives to understand the process of distilling precious rose water and oils, and perhaps, pick up a fragrant souvenir.

Dades Gorges – Nature’s Sculpture

Your day culminates in the breathtaking Dades Gorges. 

Witness the sheer might of the Dades River as it has carved out cliff-sided canyons, known locally as “monkey fingers”. The striking contrast of red cliffs against the clear blue sky is a sight to behold. 

Take a leisurely walk, allowing the natural beauty and the echoing silence of the gorges to wash over you, rejuvenating your spirit.

Day 17: Dades Gorges to Merzouga – Road to the Golden Sands

Todgha Gorge, a canyon in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

From the rugged beauty of the Dades Gorges, embark on a transformative journey towards the golden dunes of Merzouga on a smooth ride during the 4-hour transfer.

Tinghir & Todra Gorge

As the landscapes unfurl, you’ll encounter the oasis town of Tinghir, leading you to the Todra Gorge. 

Sheer rock walls rise dramatically from the river bed, a testament to nature’s prowess. Stroll alongside the Todra River, appreciating the dance of light and shadows on the reddened rocks, creating a spectacle unlike any other.

Merzouga’s Sand Sea

As you approach Merzouga, the horizon begins to ripple with golden waves. The ergs (sand dunes) of Merzouga paint an iconic Saharan landscape. 

Upon arrival, feel the fine grains of the Saharan sands beneath your feet, and watch as the sun sets, casting a warm golden hue over the vast desert, preparing you for the Saharan night ahead.

Day 18: Merzouga to Fes via Ziz Valley & Midelt – Mountains to Ancient City

Ziz Valley, Morocco

Bid farewell to the desert and embark on a journey of contrasts as you travel from Merzouga to the ancient city of Fes. With your private driver ensuring a comfortable ride, this 7-hour transfer will expose you to a diverse tapestry of Moroccan landscapes.

Ziz Valley – A Lush Mirage

The drive takes you through the Ziz Valley, known for its sprawling date palm plantations. 

The juxtaposition of verdant groves against the barren landscapes is mesmerizing. Stopover at viewpoints to capture the panoramic beauty and witness the terraced farming methods, a centuries-old tradition.

Midelt – Mountain Stop

Midway, nestles the town of Midelt, sitting gracefully in the high plains between the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountain ranges. 

This area is known for its rich geology and is a haven for geology enthusiasts and rock hounds. The cool mountain air offers a respite before continuing the journey towards Fes.

Day 19: Fes – Ancient Medina & Artisan Crafts

Fes, Morocco

Delve into the heart of Fes, a city bursting with history, culture, and artisanal crafts. Its ancient medina is a living testament to the city’s rich past, and every alleyway narrates a story waiting to be discovered.

Fes Medina – Labyrinth of History

Your exploration begins at the Fes Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The ancient mosques, madrasas, and palaces stand in testimony to the city’s grandeur. The bustling souks, fragrant with spices and resonating with the clinks of artisan tools, promise an immersive experience.

Artisanal Workshops

Dive deeper into the heart of Fes’s craftsmanship at the artisanal workshops. 

Witness the meticulous process of pottery making, the delicate art of Zellige tilework, and the centuries-old tradition of weaving. Each craft tells a story of dedication, passion, and the city’s commitment to preserving its artisanal legacy.

Day 20: Fes to Chefchaouen – The Blue City Exploration

Chefchaouen in Morocco

The next leg of your journey takes you north, moving from the ancient allure of Fes to the unique charm of Chefchaouen. 

As your private driver expertly handles the 4-hour transfer, sit back and let the sights of the Moroccan countryside soothe your senses.

Chefchaouen’s Blue Mystique

Upon arrival in Chefchaouen, also known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco. It’s not just the color that entrances, but the calm atmosphere and the gentle pace of life, set against the dramatic Rif Mountains.

Medina Tour

Beyond its blue-washed walls, Chefchaouen’s medina, though smaller than its counterparts in larger cities, offers an authentic experience. 

As the muezzin’s call floats through the air, discover hidden squares, quaint craft shops, and indulge in traditional Moroccan fare, savoring the flavors of the north.

Day 21: Chefchaouen to Tangier – Departure & Farewell to Morocco

Tangiers, Morocco

Your final day begins with a scenic drive from Chefchaouen to the coastal city of Tangier. The 2-hour journey with your private driver takes you through landscapes that serve as a beautiful conclusion to your Moroccan sojourn.

As you leave, carry with you memories of a land rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Morocco, with its colors, flavors, and sounds, will forever remain etched in your heart.

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